Tuesday, April 29, 2014

William NICU update 4/29/2014 - extubated!

William was extubated around 1:30 PM today and so far so good!
He is also up to 23cc of breast milk per feeding.

Just after the breathing tube came out:

Ahh First breaths on the SiPAP:

On his tummy:


  1. That is great news Mike. Thanks be to God!

  2. My heartfelt prayers are with William in his time of need. Already through these videos, I can tell he has been born into a wonderful family circle that can help him in his long journey through life. Just a note for his family - keep your hopes up & don't despair. There will be ups and downs in William's progress to get him in good health. It will take time and prayers and I say that from experience. Our family has a little girl that was born at 24 weeks, 1 lb 14 ounces, on oxygen, steroids, 2 hernia operations, feeding problems so on stomach tube. She was born in 1999. We had lots of ups and downs with our little Maddybear. She came home 6 mths after her birth at Xmas time on a heart monitor, oxygen/steroids for a long long while. With the love of god, her Mom, Dad, 3 siblings, an Aunt, relatives and friends, by 4-5 years old she was doing so great-so normal! Now at 14 wonderful years old, she is as strong as they come. A very beautiful, smart, caring, happy and normal young lady. Today's medical advances are amazing; and God can and does perform miracles for us. HE has his plan for these special children of ours. I know my Maddy and your William will both do great things in their lifetime. We are the lucky ones to have them in our life.