Thursday, April 10, 2014

William Update Thursday 4/10/2014

Another good day!
Pressure weaned to 37 from 42 (no idea what these numbers actually mean)
O2 is up a little to 80% but down from last week still
Dopamine is down to 8 from 20 so he's holding up his own blood pressure.
His NO2 is down to 15 from 20
PH is a little low and CO2 was a little high so the 37 pressure is actually up from 36 for this.
He looks better
His fluid retention looks better
I forgot to ask about antibiotics/infection and they didn't mention it.
Almost forgot He's grown! Born 2 Lbs 1 oz - Now 2 Lbs 10 oz!

They want his CO2 below 55 and his PH over 7.25.

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