Friday, May 2, 2014

William is making progress! NICU update day 37

Day 37! Wow. I almost didn't stop on my way home to see William but I am SO happy I did.
He is doing really good!

First the update and then some pics and video.
PICC line is out! no more IVs
Ativan no more!
Meds are all going in feeding tube now. Morphine is every couple of hours now vs IV.
22cc of milk and 26 calories fortified.*They are starting to up his calories.
O2 had been as low as 39% today!
7.37 PH and CO2 in the 40's which is better than he has ever had including the jet ventilator!!!

Praise God from whom all blessing flow…
Thank you all for your prayers for William and family.

FYI William's NICU nurse Lauren is doing the March for Babies tomorrow. Here is her fundraising page. If you donate put something on there saying where you are from or heard about William:
Lauren's Bayview NICU March for Babies fundraiser page

Listen to this little guy who finally found his voice:

Sneezing and more crying :) (I was too)

He's got plenty of skin to grow into. Looks a little like a hairless shar pei ;)

For size perspective. 

He's gonna be mad at me for taking this one. His face is all kind a scrunched up here. 

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  1. I am so glad William is doing well. How wonderful to hear his little voice. I know his Mom was really happy to get to hold him. I'm sure William was happy also. More prayers going out so he can get well fast and come home to you all soon.