Saturday, May 31, 2014

William update - 67 days in the NICU

67 days in the NICU:
5,788,800 seconds
96,480 minutes
1608 hours
67 days
9 weeks (rounded down)

We met with the NICU Staff taking care of William Friday and got an update from his doctor. OT was there and did some stretching exercises with him. Basically overall the lungs continue to be the concern. They are focusing on getting him to grow. He is still at risk for all sorts of problems but we are just focused on praying for him and loving on him as much as possible. 

We got to see him get a bath today and helped with some of his physical therapy. After the meeting they gave him the bath and he loved getting the water squeezed over his head. He even got some bubbles added for a Jacuzzi effect. 

Mad face

After the bath he got a massage from his nurse and we got to help. So much loose skin on this boy.

Earlier in the week William's Sister and brother visited with him. She cautiously held him. I think she was intimidated by everything in the NICU. 


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog. My membranes have ruptured at 14 weeks and 1 day and it's nice to find a similar positive story.
    Can I ask was there much fluid around William after your daughters waters broke?
    William looks like he is doing so well. You must be very proud and happy that he is thriving.

    1. I don't know for sure. There were times when there was some fluid and other times when there wasn't hardly any. I can try to find out. Are you on babycenter communities? I have threads in the preemie parenting and pprom

  2. I'm currently still in hospital and I'm also in Australia. Thank you for sharing your blog and I'm so glad William is doing well. Your a fantastic grandad.

  3. William is looking great! !! Such round chubby cheeks. Yes you could tell he really enjoyed that bath. About time he got to enjoy something. Let him know the fun is just starting for him. This brings back so many memories of my little premie grandbaby Maddiebear, who is now 14 years old and 125 lbs. Always keep you hopes high. Keep on praying.

    1. Yeah He loved those baths - they were surprised he liked the water on his head.
      Thanks for sharing about your granddaughter. We have hope!!