Wednesday, August 13, 2014


On Friday morning 8/8 William's sats all the sudden went down and they were having trouble getting him above 70 with 100% FiO2 and had checked everything else that might be wrong so they got a chest X-ray and confirmed his right lung had developed a leak and was collapsed.
They put in a chest tube drain and ended up switching him over to the conventional ventilator. So far in the past couple of days since this change William has been doing better. We thank God for his continued blessings and healing. William has been tolerating weaning of the ventilator settings and weaning of the PH medicines. As of Wed 8/13 he is almost off the nitric, down to 1ppm and satting in the 90's with 60-70% FiO2. He has been more consistent with his oxygenation since the switch to the conventional ventilator.


  1. Hi Mike- I hate to be a nuance, but any update on William? I think of you all often.

  2. I do need to update. Basically he was doing worse for a while and they flipped him to prone and he was doing better the past few days. I'll update but here is a video